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keywest-largo As the name suggests, Key Largo is the largest island of the Florida Keys archipelago under the Monroe County and lies at its most northern tip. It's just 33 miles long and connects to the mainland over two routes from Florida City. You can charter your own Key Largo Limo or any Key Largo Transportation to get through either roads in total comfort.

It's interesting to note that the tropical island of Key Largo is actually a fossilized coral reef that had its origins back in the ice age. Under the island are limestone caprocks called "marl" protruding visibly out in the open and accounting for much of the island's generally rocky natural shoreline. There are no natural sandy beaches on the island. If there's any place you don't want your Key Largo Limo or Key Largo Transportation to end up, it's these rocky shorelines.

The Diving Capital of the World

Key Largo is one of the most popular tourist mecca in this part of the world and dubs itself the "Diving capital of the world." As a former coral itself, the island boasts of living corals just a few miles around its shores, attracting thousands of local and foreign scuba divers, snorkelers and sport-fishing lovers. There's the Molasses Reef as the most popular. The Grecian Rocks is a popular paradise for snorkelers as well as the French Reef known for its underwater caves. John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park attracts divers around the world as it is the world's first underwater park in the US.

Diving services constitute big business in the island and car rentals like Key Largo Limos or other Key Largo Transportation can bring you to the marinas. In addition, because of the island's close proximity to the mainland's Florida Everglades, Key Largo is also a favorite among kayakers and ecotourists.

Noteworthy Places to Visit

With its 33 mile spread, a short visit to the island is best done on a rented Key Largo limo or Key Largo Transportation. Renting your private car, especially in a group or with your family, can minimize transport time so you have more time sightseeing and going places.

  • Among the noted places is the Caribbean Club at Rock Harbor made famous as the "on location" site for the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall film which was actually shot entirely in a studio. Another is the Tavernier and the Ocean Reef Club, a private resort community and club at the northern end of the island where your Key Largo Limo or rented Key Largo Transportation can bring you.
  • Other interesting places to visit include the Caribbean Shipwreck Museum and Research Institute showcasing rare maritime artifacts recovered from sunken ships. Getting close to dolphins is another attraction and the Dolphin's Plus and Theater of the Sea offer visitors a structured swim to get up close and personal with sea lions and dolphins and also a snorkeling swim with school of dolphins. A rented Key Largo limo or Key Largo Transportation service can bring you and your family to these sites.

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