Key West Attractions

Key West attractions As the southernmost tip of continental USA, Key West enjoys a mild tropical clime that rarely goes to extremes of heat and cold. It is no wonder that famous people like Tennessee Williams, after renting homes in various cities in the country, finally bought a home at Duncan Street and settled there in 1949 until his death in 1983. Same with contemporary Ernst Hemingway. But a most agreeable climate alone is not the best attraction of Key West, though it certainly defines what a paradise island means. The island boasts myriad attractions that can delight all the senses - from exotic beaches and water fun activities like fishing, diving and snorkeling, enjoying the tastes of seafood dining or its nightlife, or simply enjoying the fantastic sights of its sunsets, there's simply no end to what Key West can offer its visitors.

No matter when you visit Key West, there's always a delightful reason to stay a day longer as its calendar of events is simply brimming all the way from January to December.

  • Museums and Local Legends Tours - know the people who have made Key West famous and take a grand tour visiting historic homes and locale. You get to visit the former homes of Tennessee Williams, Ernst Hemingway and Harry Truman with the Old Town Trolley tour as well as museums and galleries.

  • Beach and Water fun - here's where the real action starts that has made Key West famous - its beaches and marina. You can start with a simple walk in the beach and you won't be able to resist taking a swim. There's countless tour packages that can take you reef snorkeling and in scuba diving safari tours as well as sailing and yachting aboard some of the finest cruises around the island and further south to the Caribbean.

  • Accommodations - From the most affordable to the most luxurious, for straight business or simple leisure, Key West has the right accommodation for the traveler. For the tourist out to savor the fun there are lodgings and resort hotels like the luxurious Crown Plaza La Concha that takes you close to were the real fun begins, in the beaches. You can get closer to the marina for your boating and diving pleasures or simply watching the breathtaking sunsets right from your hotel window. You can also opt to stay in the cosmopolitan downtown for some of the best dinning and shopping experiences.

  • Get Mobile - For the explorer in you who like to get around the city and beyond, you can join small tourist groups to ride in luxurious coaches to bring you around town or you can rent your own private limousine or stretched SUVs to take you and your family anywhere around town.

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Key West Shuttles

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