Key West Fishing

Be an Ernst Hemingway for a Day with Key West Fishing

The Atlantic waters of Key West offers not only an abundance of fishes but a thrill of all-year-round deep sea fishing that has attracted the likes of Ernst Hemingway to fish in the Florida Straits between Key West and Cuba for Blue Marlins. You can also land your own as giant tarpon and sailfish, just a few of the game fishes, thrive in the crystal blue waters around Key West.

Day and night fishing trips around the Florida Keys can yield a variety of gaming fishes from its pristine coral reefs such as a grouper, a snapper, marlin, sailfish or a bonefish. Just get yourself and your family or friends in a chartered boat with an experienced guide to take you into the Gulfstream only minutes from the marina docks and start testing your angling skills against a sailfish or a blue marlin.

Fishing Types


Saltwater fishing finds the most unique and fulfilling adventure in flats fishing within the clear backcountry waters off the Florida Keys. Fly fishing for the challenging tarpon and bonefish can make for a most fulfilling mix of hunting and fishing that a traveler should not miss when in Key West. Charter one of the center-console light tackle boats of Key West for a day's light tackle sport fishing that can yield any variety of marine species from tarpon in the Key West Harbor to a sailfish farther beyond the coral reefs. These light tackle charter can be customized to suit an angler's needs and you can go home with a cat cog grouper or a kingfish.

Deep sea offshore fishing around the Key West waters can make an Ernst Hemingway of anyone. At least for a day, and in the field of fishing, not writing. Get into one of the large tackle boats for an adventure of a lifetime chasing down marine giants like the blue marlin, tuna, sailfish and even a dolphin, all within 90s miles of the Florida Keys and Cuba. If you're not really into fishing and have no ambitions of striking a world record catch but just wants a taste of it, get into one of those group fishing charters that are really party fishing vessels that can bring you around the island with a few minutes arranged for fishing. A small group in a small boat is best for a short fishing expedition and one from a large cruise line for night fishing. An all-day expedition during the summer months is well worth the fun. .

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