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key west limosThe Key West Island is not that big and neither is the Key West City nor its Old Town area where most island visitors spend their vacation. It is easy to get around and its longest street, sarcastically dubbed the longest street on earth because it connects the Atlantic Ocean on one end with the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It is really just a mile long which is a pleasant jogging distance for many people. In fact, city tours are best done walking around Old Town which, under a very mild tropical sun. It is not only healthy but interesting to do as well. Rent a Key West Limo and enjoy your tour through the beautiful Florida Keys.

It's a Biking Town


key west car serviceNearly 15% of the locals get around with bicycles which are just fine as the island is not only small, there are no hills that require strenuous uphill biking and roads have bicycle paths. Some lodgings and motel provide bicycle rentals to guests and there are enough bike rentals to match visitor mobility needs around town. While the roads have bicycle paths, bikers may use sidewalks if there are none in parts of the city. But pedestrians sill have the primary right of way and bikers are expected to follow traffic laws like any car drivers. You'd still be ticketed running a stop light or biking at night without the mandatory lights on your bike. Needless to day, there are also motorized bikes or mopeds as well as scooters. Just like bikes, they can be rented also from the same shops that rent out bikes. Renting a moped or scooter require you to be at least 18 years old with a valid driver's license and a credit card. Safety helmets can come with the rent upon request but at an additional cost.

Cars, Taxis and Key West Limos


Taxis and charter limos abound especially for airport transfers but cars are generally not that many and are often more of a hindrance than a convenience in such a small city as most establishments especially in the Old Town area have no off street parking. Parking in the newer city areas is not a problem and metered parking spaces downtown get charged $1 per hour. But while some areas have parking spaces, be advised that unless your car has a Monroe Country plate or a city-issued residential sticker, you could be ticketed.

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Key West Shuttles

Limo We do not provide Key West shuttle transportation. Our service is exclusively door-to-door non-stop non-shared ride. The Key West limo experience can't not be recreated in a shuttle van. No stops along the way to collect more passengers who may be running late. Travel without any delays with Key West limo service, tours, and transportation.