Key West Shopping

Shopping to Remember Your Visit at Key West

Your vacation is hardly complete without some shopping, especially one that can provide some real reminder of your visit to Key West. Key West is not a bargain capital like Dubai or Hongkong, but what it offers is a range of affordable and upscale products that are quite unique to Key West and nowhere else.

Key West Wines


No, it's not about California wines competing with their vineyards. The Key West Winery offers non-traditional wines not made from the usual grapes we've come to associate wines to come from. Rather, it offers a line of full-bodied award-winning wines made from fermented fruits, citrus and berries with surprisingly wine-like aroma and finesse. Its most famous wine that has become its trade signature is the Key West Limen with familiar taste of a Margarita that's limey and refreshing. They have wines made from peach, blueberry, cranberry, pineapple, watermelon, mango, orange, tangelo, tangerine, pink grapefruit and combinations of these. Most of their wines have been blended with Vodka and martinis like its latest wine product aptly called Hurricane Class 5, to celebrate the fact it gets visited by hurricanes sometimes. As the name suggest, it's quite strong with a blend of Key Limen, mango, watermelon. Pineapple and passion fruit wines. It's a veritable White Sangria that has likewise become quite popular.

Unique Furniture and other Souvenirs


One of the best memorabilia you can have from Key West are those Caribbean hammocks that you won't find elsewhere unless you visit one of the Caribbean islands yourself. There are various styles made only from the finest hand woven soft-spun polyester fibers and any of them can be had from The Original Key West Hammocks Co. which also makes handcrafted porch swings and patio furniture. For souvenirs, nothing beats the Key West Conch Traders, a 20-year old family owned shop that retails works by local artists and craftsmen as well as products that can only be found in the Key West and Florida Keys.

Other Shopping Tips


Key West is noted for its heritage of fine Cuban and Caribbean products from expats who have long ago made Key West their home. As a visitor you could benefit getting some Havana Cigars and gourmet coffee harvested and imported from Cuba and they come at the most affordable prices. Indigenous food products are also excellent shopping items and stores like the Dockside Market carries homemade products like tropical bundt cakes and goodies that have been favourite gifts for the last 30 years.

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