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Appreciating Nature Best with Key West Tours

Enjoying nature is all about enjoying a well preserved ecology and at Key West, there are Ecotours that showcase the bounties that nature has showered on the southernmost point of the country. Ecotourism in the island consists of touring its protected natural preserves as well as its living coral reefs. For any of these Ecotours, clear off 3-4 hours of your travel itinerary to get the most of the packages offered to Key West visitors.

Snorkel from a Yacht


The secluded tropical backcountry waters invite local and foreign tourists to enjoy the warm crystal clear waters only a few inches deep under mangrove plantations and accessible only through kayak boats with guides who are only too eager to explain the delicate balance between plants and marine life in the locale's ecosystem. You can enjoy taking photos with egrets and herons roosting just a few feet from the kayak trails. The Kayak expedition such as those provided by Blue Planet Eco Tours for Key West and Florida is typically limited to 8-10 persons to a guide for a more personal experience.

Dolphin Encounters


Dolphins are considered some of the most intelligent marine species that have delighted children everywhere they are seen. At Key West, there are Ecotours than can bring you and your family to experience the natural Dolphin habitat. There's the Dolphin Playground aboard with the Amazing Grace through the local backwaters of Key West and see the Dolphins first hand. Just a block away from the historic ferry docks in downtown Key West is the Seaport and Harbor Walk where you can get aboard a Catamaran for a 4-hour Echo journey into the tropical waters around Key West to witness wild dolphins in their natural swimming habitat all year round.

Snorkel Tours


Your Ecotours won't be complete without relishing the underwater sights of the only living coral reefs in the whole continental US. And you can only do that either with a certified scuba diving tour or snorkeling. Just about all the Ecotours in Key West have a snorkeling activity as part of its package that already has kayak, fishing, parasailing or diving on their own or as part of cruise activities. One of the most popular water fun actions can be had with a Fury water adventure package aboard one of the most luxurious cruise ship in Key West.

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Key West Shuttles

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