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marathon transportation Situated right between Key West and the Florida mainland coast, past the Seven-Mile Bridge, are the islands of the Lower Keys. This is a string of small islands that have remained unsettled and unspoiled by modern civilization. And none exemplifies this virgin paradise condition than in the private resort island called Little Palm Island.

You will need to leave your rented Little Palm Island limo or hired Little Palm Island Transportation at the Key West International since you can't take it with you to the island. The Little Palm Island is a private adults-only resort that occupies 5-acre islands which is 28 miles from Key West and boasts of technology free amenities. This is ideal for vacationers who want to go back to nature untethered from modern contraptions.

Take not, there are no telephones or televisions here. Accessible only by sea plane or boat, often right from the main Key West International Airport, the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa is a bit pricey as it is triple A- rated and considered one of the best resorts in the country. Little Palm Island Transportation can bring you to the airport with any of its fleet of Little Palm Island Limos.

Enjoying a tech-free Resort Island

  • Little Palm Island offers accommodations that include 28 seafront bungalow suites complete with king-size canopy beds, gardens, private veranda, indoor and outdoor shower facilities and whirlpool jacuzzis. The island also features a couple of Island Grand Suites with colonial furnishings. While the island has electricity, visitors can forget about television and telephones. Over the years, it has become a favorite getaway among couples. Check with your travel agent to book you on a Little Palm Island limo or any affordable Little Palm Island Transportation to bring you as far as the Key West International Airport.
  • The island is a great place to take advantage of nature's water-based leisure activities such as fishing in all its forms, snorkeling and deep sea diving from chartered boats as well as joining scheduled Ecotours. You can also enjoy the waters with its white-sand beaches considered the finest among Florida Keys beaches.
  • You can ride in kayaks, canoes and sail on catamarans, wind sailers, water bikes and Sun Kats. Just be sure to get a local Little Palm Island limo or any Little Palm Island Transportation that can bring you around the island and to the right marinas.
  • To end your active day, you can start off with spectacular view of the Sunset along the Gulf of Mexico seascape while getting ready to savor its dining opportunities. Dining in the island becomes a feast of classic European dishes blended with Caribbean, continental and pan-Asian flavors with seafoods as the main course. You'd wish you can arrive in style with your Little Palm Island limo or hired Little Palm Island Transportation when getting off to these restaurants.

Things to See

Apart form its romantic sunsets, even if small, the island offers wildlife watchers a spectacular glimpse of its native animals that include the Key deer, eagles and egrets. And when you're done, you can be sure that your Little Palm Island limo or rented Little Palm Island Transportation is waiting for you when you get back to the Key West International Airport.

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