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marathon transportation Right in the middle of the Florida Keys in the Monroe County is the City of Marathon with about 9.6 square miles straddling seven islands. These are: Grassy key, Crawl Key, Long Point Key, Fat Deer Key, Boot Key, Knight's Key and Key Vaca islands. The US Highway strings the islands together and a Marathon limo rental or an exclusive Marathon Transportation can take you to any of the city's tourist sites.


While it's easy to say that the city's name originated from the ancient city of Marathon in Greece, that's not accurate as Marathon is relatively new, being incorporated only in 1999. It actually traces its roots during the construction of the Florida East Coast railroad whose unrelenting pace to complete the project as been described by its workers as a "real marathon." The name stuck on the local rail station in the area.

Places to See and Visit

Marathon is distinguished among the Florida Keys islands as being home to the tallest building in the Keys. This is the Bonefish Towers located along Coco Plum in the only country club in the Keys which is the Sombrero Country Club. Be sure to get there in a chauffeured Marathon limo from any reputable Marathon Transportation.

A short trip to the Crane Pont Museum, a few miles west of the Marathon Airport, brings you to one of the last virgin forests in the country with abundant tropical hardwood hammocks. Talking about the airport, it's one airport where you can do some bird-watching as it is frequented by the Antillean Nighthawk during the summers.

Bird watchers are also sure to be delighted with Gray Kingbirds often seen atop telephone wires as well as the black-whiskered Vireo singing in the hammocks. You can also do your bird watching from the comfort and privacy of your Marathon limo rented from any Marathon transportation office.

Dining in the city offers the best seafood from the bounties of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico mixed with the grilled specialties and tropical beverages of the islands. There's the popular The Island Tiki Bar and Grill, The Burdines, Keys Fisheries, the Stuffed Pig and the Castaway.

The city gets most of its livelihood from the fishing industries and seafoods are a staple and a major culinary delight in most of its bars and restaurants. Be sure to go out dining being seen getting in or out a chauffeured Marathon Limo from your chosen Marathon Transportation.

Things to Do in Marathon FL

As a major sport fishing destination in the Keys, Marathon has numerous charter fishing vessels departing form its marinas to Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico waters. And with its bounties of living coral reefs common around the Florida Keys, Marathon is also a popular destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, spear fishing and lobster tickling. The marinas from where these boats are docked can be reached by a hired Marathon limo or any Marathon Transportation.

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